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©2019 by VirtuWoof, LLC - a Minnesota-based, woman-owned company

You're Always On The Go, And Your Pets Are Your Constant Companions  

Whether you're on the road trip of a lifetime, or just slammed with meetings at work, Virtuwoof can help your pet get the care they need without a guaranteed trip to the Vet office.

It's free to sign up with Virtuwoof.  

Pay as you go, whenever a virtual visit is needed!*

*per visit fees vary by Veterinarian and visit type

Keep Your Vet In Your Back Pocket

The only person who knows your pet as well as you do is your own Veterinarian.

Let's make sure they can help your fur baby, when and where you need them!

Virtuwoof gives back

Virtuwoof is committed to donating a portion of our profits back to the

animals we serve

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