Creating a Community of Pet Owners, Veterinary Care Providers and Businesses

Thank you for checking out the Virtuwoof blog!

Virtuwoof is a woman-owned technology company on a mission to serve pets, pet owners and veterinary care professionals. We are the builders and designers of the Virtuwoof Virtual Vet Office, a veterinary telemedicine platform to allow virtual visits to occur between pet owners and the veterinarians they know and trust.

Our business and mission has grown from a pure and genuine love for animals, and a desire to utilize technology to provide a more flexible care experience throughout a pet's life.

In this forum we will provide information on pet ownership and how to best care for them, highlights and interviews of those changing the way we care for our pets, stories of the challenges pet owners and veterinary care providers face when it comes to our furry friends. We might even sponsor some fun giveaways and things to entertain you!

Like our business, this blog is focused around animals and those who dedicate themselves day in and day out to providing their care. At the heart of what we do, we want to help pet owners understand those who provide their care at a deeper level, and create more open lines of communication between them.

We hope you will join us, follow us, and get involved as we follow the path to changing the way we care for pets!


Team Virtuwoof

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