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Virtual Care Made Simple

Your companion in telemedicine


To increase access to veterinary care for all animals

and serve those who provide their care.

Subscribe monthly or $0 upfront pay-as-you-earn

Free onboarding, staff training & best practices

Non-disruptive to clinic processes & workflows

Integrates with Practice Management Systems

Customize your own visit prices

Preserves VCPR compliance

Built in payment processing

Designed and built to be simple, straightforward and flexible.


Answer client questions, offer curbside check-in and payment, or provide care virtually

Accessible via any smartphone or web browser

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Our company is committed to
veterinary well-being through our
Virtuwoof Gives Back Program
The benefits of offering telemedicine go way beyond offering new technology to your clients.
Increased flexibility and work/life balance allow your practice and staff to provide care outside the clinic walls.
     That's why Virtuwoof is
committed to donating
a portion of our profits to organizations working toward
improving the lives of the
veterinary community.
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