Why Virtual Vet Care?: Treatment in a Simple and Flexible Way

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

By Maria Hayden, Social Media Coordinator

We all know adopting new technology can be scary. When it comes to virtual pet care, everyone wants to ensure top-notch quality care for their furry friends. However, for pet owners, life can get in the way of scheduling appointments, and sometimes all you want is a quick answer for a simple question. For veterinarian clinics, providing virtual options can expand your business and offer flexibility to your staff. That’s why adopting veterinary telemedicine is the future, and it turns out some solutions are much more simple and adaptable than you may think!

For Pet Owners

No matter what life throws at you, health care for your pets is always a priority. But, getting into a clinic or scheduling an appointment for a minor concern can feel like a big hurdle. Whether your schedule gets in the way or you have a pet who is anxious riding to the vet, virtual pet care allows you to work with your provider easily from your phone. What does this look like? Some uses include questions surrounding dermatological concerns, respiratory illness, upset stomach, mobility concerns, and rechecks after previous visits. You can simply send in photos, chat with your vet, and pay for a visit all from your phone for flexible care no matter where you go.

For Vets

Integrating virtual care into your regular offerings is an easy way to expand your network and provide care with more flexibility and ease. Telemedicine offers perks unique from in-clinic visits. To start, it is a quick way to improve patient outcomes, some minor and follow-up visits can be done virtually, to allow healing and anxious animals the ability to stay in their own environment! You’re also able to diagnose and treat more patients. With the opportunity for extended hours and consultations for a fee, you can triage clients via chat quickly or even empower Vet Techs to take on additional responsibilities. Lastly, offering telemedicine for patients is a great way to differentiate your practice from others. With the latest technology, you’ll be able to expand your practice and network in new ways.

What’s Next?

Now that you know some of the perks of virtual care, you may be wondering how to get started. Luckily, Virtuwoof, a veterinary telemedicine platform offers a simple and flexible way for both vets and pet owners to get started. For Veterinarians, you can easily register for an account and work from a desktop or phone to communicate with clients. Pet owners, sound like the right fit for you? Refer your vet to chat with them easily from the comfort of your couch or on the go.

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